Timeless Design Pieces: A Comprehensive Guide to Boucle Sofas

The Boucle modular sofa has recently seen a comeback in the world of modern interior design. First popular in the 1940s, this nubby fabric is once again becoming a staple in furniture styling, particularly sofas.

Decorating your home with boucle sofas and linen cushions in Australia is a fantastic way to add a subtle touch of comfort and luxury. But how do you style it, and why should you buy boucle sofas? This guide will discuss everything you need to know.

Exploring Boucle Fabric and Its History

The term “Boucle” is derived from a French word meaning “curled.” The fabric is named after the loops in its yarn, which are typically made of wool, cotton, linen, or silk. Boucle appears thick, fleecy, and cosy, making it the ideal upholstery for relaxing in.

Contemporary designers love boucle sofas due to their resplendent softness and simple style that screams warmth. Also, the neutral tones give Boucle furniture a clean and minimalistic aesthetic.

Though Boucle sofas are experiencing a rise in popularity in modern interior design, they have been around since the 1940s. Coco Chanel first used it in apparel, leading to Boucle’s association with luxury. Sometime later, Eero Saarinen and Florence Knoll incorporated the fabric into furniture by introducing the “womb chair.”

Why Decorate with Boucle Sofa

Homeowners are showing great interest in the woolly fabric for plenty of reasons. Boucle is beautiful and comfortable, but it also possesses charming characteristics you won’t find in other forms of upholstery.

  • Unique Texture – The nubbiness of Boucle furniture provides superior comfort. Additionally, the rough and bumpy texture lets it stand out.
  • Softness and cosiness – Boucle fabric sofas are highly sought after for their unmatched softness, which has been described as “sleeping in clouds.”
  • Heavenly Warmth – The woolly texture of Boucle sofas creates a warm place to snuggle in, perfect for winter or a cold evening.
  • Easy Cleaning and Durability – Despite its almost delicate appearance, boucle sofas are durable and can withstand most wear and tear. Also, they are easy to clean with a vacuum and have a low absorption rate.

Do Boucle fabric sofas have downsides? Like any other upholstery material, it does have its weaknesses. Due to the loops of Boucle, they are not suitable for households where they can get snagged, such as when there are pets or children.

Styling with Boucle Sofas

The simple yet captivating design of boucle sofas can deliver a sense of luxury and comfort in any space it graces. If you are looking for styling inspiration for your boucle modular sofa, try the following ideas:

  • Contrast is the key to enhancing the looks of boucle furniture, whether in the case of texture or colours.
  • Stick to a neutral palette
  • Complement with metallic elements
  • Choose sleek accents
  • Mix and match with various textures

Are you charmed by the distinct beauty of boucle fabric sofas? Take a gorgeous piece home with you today when you browse the wide range of boucle sofas offered by Urban Road.

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